Social Media Marketing For Community Events

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This free guide is designed to help position your community event as “must-see” through the storytelling power of social media. You have the capacity to create a direct line of communication with your audience, enhance engagement, and gather valuable feedback to carry out your event.

Social media acts as a powerful amplifier for your brand's voice, which enables your organization’s mission to be heard. Use these worksheets to begin planning your social media marketing campaign for your community event.

Discover how to:

A) Develop a social media marketing campaign that 1) brings awareness to your event, 2) engages and/or converts your target audience, and 3) helps accomplish the overall event goals for the business or organization.

B) Integrate this campaign into your overall strategic marketing plan, ensuring event marketing efforts align with strategic business goals. 

C) Apply social media marketing tactics and platform features to help boost engagement, enhance credibility, and build relationships with your target audience.

While social media trends and the types of community events you hold may change, the foundations laid out in this guide will remain the same.

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A step-by-step guide, inclusive of examples and tips, that will help you develop and execute a successful social media marketing campaign for your next community event – yours to download for free!

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Social Media Marketing For Community Events

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